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Happy New Year from Doncaster Physie!

Happy New Year to all our new and existing Doncaster Physie Club Members!

We hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing break.

It's not too long until our Registration Day 2017 which is being held on the Saturday 4th February at 9.30am-4.30pm The Pines Shopping Centre, East Doncaster.

We look forward to seeing you all there but if you're unable to attend please let us know so we can reserve your spot in the class.

If you know of anybody who would like to join Physie in 2017 please spread the word and ask them to come along to our Registration Day!

More information on the Registration process (including online registration with BJP) will be sent out prior to Registration Day.

Finally, check out our amazing photos from the Annual Doncaster Physie Concert 2016 (as below and on our website 'concert' tab)!!

Enjoy :)

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