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Doncaster Physie aims to improve the health of girls and women by promoting physical fitness and mental well-being, following the motto,


"A healthy mind in a healthy body."

Doncaster Physie is a non for profit dance organisation that has been established for over 40 years and is run by a dedicated teaching team and committee. Our members range from 3 years to over 60 years, and our classes are held locally in the Manningham area. Beginners of all ages are more than welcome to join at any time.

At Doncaster Physie our only focus is not just on learning how to dance and technique. We also are committed to promoting an active, healthy lifestyle where physical activity is an enjoyable part of daily life, and part of your lifestyle. We incorporate this focus through classes, interactive social events and workshops which are open to all ages. Unlike many other dance schools, our classes are structured by age rather than ability which creates an inclusive environment for all involved.

Being part of a Physie family encourages a lifelong love for dance fitness and increases confidence and self-esteem. We provide a fun, affordable, friendly, team-based sport that encourages girls and women from all communities to participate and interact.

At Doncaster Physie our aim is to provide a fun and encouraging environment for all members to learn the many great aspects of Physie and dance, that will keep them smiling and continuing Physie lessons hopefully for the rest of their lives! We aim to make you or your child the best Physie girl that they can be.


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