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Teaching Team

Meet Maddy

Maddy is the Head Associate Teacher at Doncaster Physie.

Physie holds a special place in Maddy’s heart. Dancing since the age of 5 she fell in love with everything Physie has to offer from the friendships to the competitions through to watching her students develop and grow into beautiful Physie girls. She has had lots of success through her Physie career placing top 5 in the state multiple times along with making it through to Grand Champion. Maddy loves seeing the girls leave class with a smile on their face and watching them develop confidence, flexibility and skills throughout their Physie life.


Meet Mel

Physie has always been apart of Melissa's life starting from the age of three! Melissa has been dancing for over 25th years at Doncaster Physie and has been teaching for over 10 years at the club. Melissa loves the challenge of competition and seeing her students achieve their personal goals. Outside of Physie her passions extend to the creative world of Fashion and Costume Design which is an asset to our Annual Physie Concert.


Meet Luisa

Physie is a big part of Luisa's life, she has just began teaching with this being her third year. She loves helping the students reach their goals and find a place in the Doncaster Physie Family. Luisa has been dancing for 17 years, she has danced at a national level individually and placed in a national team numerous times. She hopes to pass on her love for dancing and the Doncaster Club to all her students.


Meet Laura

Laura has been apart of Doncaster Physie for 10 years, she has loved being part of such a supportive community. She believes it’s an amazing environment where she have created life long friendships and family. Laura loves teaching and helping her students aim to meet there goals and be confident dancing and within themselves. Laura aims to be a role model for the students ensuring they strive to do there best and are happy and love their dance class at Doncaster Physie.

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