Teaching Team

Meet Mel

Melissa is the Head Associate Teacher at Doncaster Physie.

Physie has always been apart of Melissa's life starting from the age of three! Melissa has been dancing for over 25th years at Doncaster Physie and has been teaching for over 10 years at the club. Melissa loves the challenge of competition and seeing her students achieve their personal goals. Outside of Physie her passions extend to the creative world of Fashion and Costume Design which is an asset to our Annual Physie Concert.


Meet Nadia

Nadia has always had a passion for dancing and is now going into her seventh year of teaching. Following in her sister's footsteps she started Physie at only two years old! With Doncaster Physie being her second family, it has always been her aspiration to teach at the club. Nadia has been dancing with the club for over 20 years and has made it to a national level competing individually, and has placed in national team competitions on many occasions. She loves teaching and dancing and helping her students reach their goals.


Meet Miranda

Miranda has been a physie girl since the age of 9 and fell in love with dancing the moment she started! Over the years, Miranda has had many achievements in Physie including qualifying for the Senior Opera House, National Finals 7 years in a row before having a break. Miranda became a teacher at 19 and loves teaching Physie! Miranda loves perfecting technique skills to help her students dance to their best abilities whilst building confidence and strength. Also being a full time fitness coach Miranda enjoys teaching her students about the benefits of staying healthy and fit on the way to their goals.


Meet Luisa

Physie is a big part of Luisa's life, she has just began teaching with this being her third year. She loves helping the students reach their goals and find a place in the Doncaster Physie Family. Luisa has been dancing for 17 years, she has danced at a national level individually and placed in a national team numerous times. She hopes to pass on her love for dancing and the Doncaster Club to all her students.


Meet Jess

Jessica has loved Physie since the day she began when she was 6 years old! Over the years, Jessica has had many achievements in both team and individual competitions. Throughout her Physie journey she has placed in several Junior and Senior teams and also qualified for the Senior Opera House National Finals. Jessica loves teaching Physie to empower her students to grow and reach their goals. Being a primary and high school teacher, she is passionate about working with children and having a positive impact on the future generations.


Meet our Junior Teachers