“Physie” is a fusion of dance and fitness that incorporates elements of jazz, aerobics, ballet, hip hop, yoga and pilates. Physie offers classes for girls and women of all ages from 2 years to over 60 years.

The choreography is designed to develop:
Good posture


Other benefits include the development of the following skills, which can assist with academic achievement:

Body geography
Spatial awareness
Fine and gross motor skills
Left/right discrimination
Listening skills

Bjelke Petersen School of Physical Culture (BJP Physie) has over 130 clubs in almost all suburbs of Sydney, country NSW, Victoria, Queensland, A.C.T, WA, SA and Tasmania, with new clubs opening all the time.
Uniquely Australian, BJP Physie has been involved in the fitness of Australian girls and boys for well over a century and recently celebrated its 125 year anniversary!

Physie is a great way to make lifelong friends and compete at both a local and national level, individually and in teams. Learning Physie help to develop good posture, strength, fitness, flexibility, co-ordination and balance through a regular program of fitness and dance.  Our choreography is age-appropriate designed to teach the relationship of music to movement, rhythm and musical interpretation.
BJP Physie provides a new syllabus and music every year and the Physie year culminates in a series of friendly competitions for both teams and individuals. These are not compulsory, but they do help to foster club spirit, a sense of belonging and club loyalty. You don’t have to compete, but representing your club with your friends can be a lot of fun! The friends you make at Physie will be friends for a lifetime. 

Learning Physie improves confidence, develops a sense of achievement and helps to build self-esteem in the best way possible – by performing in front of an audience.

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