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My daughter commenced Physie at age 5 and is now 8 and it is her favourite activity by far. She absolutely loves it, it's fun, fitness, she has made great friends and for an often reserved child around teachers and peers it has really helped with her confidence. Physie is also really reasonably priced with girls able and encouraged to attend 2 classes a week for the same term fees.

The teachers are amazingly passionate, kind, caring and fun and there is a great sense of belonging to something special in this club with all the girls, teachers and parents being super friendly and 100% committed. It's because of this that I too commenced Physie in Ladies class 2 years ago and have really enjoyed it. It has been great for fitness and meeting people, we laugh a lot and learning the routines has even improved my memory!

It's also been lovely to share the experience with my daughter and to encourage and help each other. I have also enjoyed the Physie HIIT class (fitness) - Katherine uses a great range of exercises and alternatives to suit varying fitness levels and it's always a great work out in a friendly environment.


I have been a member of the Doncaster Physical Culture School of Dance for 20 years and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this fantastic dance school. It has allowed me to grow my confidence in performing whilst also improving my fitness and flexibility. Physie has also helped improve my posture which is important in maintaining good bio-mechanics as I get older. I have also built life-long friendships over my 20 years at the club and I can honestly say that my physie friends will be my friends for life.

I highly recommend physie to any girls or ladies wanting to have fun at dancing whilst also working to achieve success in club, state and national competitions both individually and as a team.


I started Physie as a very shy and quiet girl, but now nearly 15 years later Physie has helped me become much more confident, positive and motivated - not only on the dance floor but in life as well.

From the beginning, the teachers at Doncaster Physie have been incredibly supportive. They cater towards our individual needs and encourage everyone to do their best and work towards their goals no matter how big or small. I not only think of them as my teachers but as good friends as well.

Competitions, social events, concerts and even weekly classes are the highlight of every year, and some of my most treasured memories are with my Physie family.

I’m so thankful to be part of such a positive environment where I’ve made amazing friends, can be myself and get active all at the same time!


There are so many positive attributes that goes with participating in Physie, fitness, strength, flexibility, but most of all I love the confidence it gives my daughter and seeing their genuine smiles when they perform.

The teachers at Doncaster Physie are very passionate, caring and dedicated and you see this at every class, competition, social event and performance. They are always there to support the kids to be the best they can be. My daughter loves going to Physie and having fun with her friends but she also enjoys the challenge that comes with learning the routines. Not only does she enjoy performing within our club but also competing against other clubs which means we get to travel together and meet new people.



I’ve been a member of Doncaster physie for 10 years! As a member of the ladies section (from 18 yrs up to 70 yrs) not  only do you make great friends but it also helps maintain your memory and flexibility.


If you enjoy dancing, music and making friends, and most importantly exercising, you can do it at physie. Our teachers are wonderful mentors for all age groups.


I joined Doncaster Physie as a three year old toddler and I remember being scared with stage fright nerves and had to be enticed with a lollipop to compete at my first zone competition at five years of age.

Physical Culture has given me the confidence within myself for dance and everyday life. Through encouragement, positiveness, persistence and belief from Doncaster Physie teachers and friends over the years, I can successfully say, I have overcome my fears on the dance floor! I’m now a helper/class teacher for the younger members and have performed at the Opera House at the National Senior finals which has been my greatest dancing achievement.

Physie is addictive and I treasure the life long friendships that I have made.


For over 20 years, Doncaster Physical Culture has been a part of our family life.  My three daughters have enjoyed Physie for many different reasons including making life long friendships, learning the dance routines to popular music and having fun competing in individual and team competitions.  They love the club spirit, social events and being involved in the Annual Concerts whilst performing in the many fabulous costumes.

The teachers are incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and spend endless hours involved in the club.  I love that the dancing is done in bare feet, competition is in a leotard and there are no necessary sewing for parents so this dance sport is cost effective. Physie is great for the girls posture, confidence and fitness and I have found physical culture to be inspirational for the girls in striving and fulfilling their dreams.  I was so proud to watch two of my daughters reach the pinnacle of physie by dancing as senior national finalists at the Opera House.

Thank you physie family and friends for all the joy and support along this amazing journey.

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