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Victorian Championship 2018 Results

Last weekend Doncaster Physie Juniors and Ladies participated in the Victorian Championship competition.

We are so proud of all our Juniors and Ladies who participated and danced their very best.

We wish all the Juniors and Ladies who placed all the very best of luck in the next stage at the Junior and Ladies National Final in Sydney.

Here are the Victorian Championship 2018 results:

- Champion Girl -

5 Years: Semi Final: Bella, Nikita, Aria

6 years: Finalist: Belle Semi Final: Kiki, Angelena, Ebony, Claire, Eleanor

7 Years 2nd Place: Thea Finalists: Olivia and Alison Semi Finalists: Sarina, Laura, Sophia, Hannah, Frida, Ena coco

8 Years 4th Place: Alice Semi Finalists: Lydia, Jane, Charlotte, Jayde, Ashley

9 Years 3rd Place: Paige 5th Place: Amy Finalist: Piper Semi Final: Bernice, Emilia

10 Years: 5th Place: Sienna Semi Final: Chloe

11 Years Finalists: Olivia, Steph Semi Finalists: Chanel, Angelina

12 Years Finalists: Matina, Emilia Semi Finalists: Alise, Alice, Sophie, Mia, Chelsea

13-14 Years Finalists: Chrissie, Rachael, Penelope Semi Finalists: Gemma, Alexia, Pheobe, Chloe, Gabby, Tnesha, Sienna, Megan

Ladies Novice-Intermediate 4th P

lace: Rebekka Finalist: Lorraine Semi Final: Melanie, Emily, Lisa

Open Ladies Finalists: Gen and Jenna Semi Final: Katherine and Belinda

- Team -

7-8 Years:

2nd Doncaster

9-10 Years:

2nd Doncaster

11-12 Years:

3rd Doncaster

Check out some photos from the competition below!

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