Competition season is here!

The competition season has well and truly commenced and we couldn't be more excited!

Doncaster Physie has attended the Wynnum Manly (Brisbane) and Whitehorse (Melbourne) interclub competitions.

We thoroughly enjoyed both interclub competitions. We got to see an amazing display of Physie.

We're very proud of all our girls and ladies who participated. It was a brilliant effort by all.

A big thank you to Wynnum Manly Physie and Whitehorse Physie for having us and running such a fantastic and well organised competition.

Check out our interclub results for 2019:

Wynnum Manly (Brisbane)

8 Years

πŸ’™ 4th - Thea

πŸ’™ Sarina danced beautifully

10 Years

πŸ’™ 3rd - Paige

πŸ’™ Amy danced beautifully

πŸ’™ Emilia danced beautifully

12 Years

πŸ’™ 5th - Angelina

πŸ’™ Steph danced beautifully

14 Years

πŸ’™ Lilliana danced beautifully

Open Seniors

πŸ’™ 3rd - Jess D

πŸ’™ Caitlin danced beautifully

Novice Seniors

πŸ’™ 5th - Victoria

πŸ’™ Madi, Tash & Luisa danced beautifully

Open Ladies

πŸ’™ 3rd - Nadia

πŸ’™ 4th - Belinda

πŸ’™ Elise & Katherine danced beautifully


πŸ’™ Emily & Lorraine danced beautifully

Whitehorse (Melbourne)

7 years

πŸ’™ 2nd - Ebony

πŸ’™ 4th - Melissa

πŸ’™ 5th - Hazel

8 Years

Heat 1:

πŸ’™ 2nd - Sophia

πŸ’™ 3rd - Laura

πŸ’™ 4th - Sarina

πŸ’™ 5th - Hannah

Heat 2:

πŸ’™ 2nd - Thea

πŸ’™ 4th - Olivia

9 Years

πŸ’™ 3rd - Ashley

10 Years

Heat 1:

πŸ’™ 4th - Bernice

Heat 2:

πŸ’™ 5th - Paige & Amy

11 Years

Heat 1:

πŸ’™ 2nd - Chloe

Heat 2:

πŸ’™ 3rd - Sienna

13 Years

πŸ’™ 2nd - Chelsea

14 Years

πŸ’™ 4th - Liliana

15 Years

πŸ’™ 5th - Chrissie

Novice Seniors

πŸ’™ 1st - Madi

πŸ’™ 4th - Victoria

πŸ’™ 5th - Luisa

Open Seniors

πŸ’™ 3rd - Jess

πŸ’™ 4th - Nadia

Novice Ladies

πŸ’™ 4th - Lisa

Intermediate Ladies

πŸ’™ 2nd - Lorraine

U33 Ladies

πŸ’™ 4th - Jenna

O40 Ladies

πŸ’™ 2nd - Nadia

πŸ’™ 4th - Belinda

πŸ’™ 5th - Michelle & Donna

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