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Senior Champion Girl & 11-12 Year Teams

What a FANTASTIC day for Doncaster Physie!! We're thrilled to announce that all girls competing in Senior Champion Girl got through to the semi finals and 4 through to the Sydney Opera House National Final!!! Congratulations to all girls who competed. You all danced beautifully. Doncaster Physie is super proud, you have all worked so hard and it's amazing to see the results pay off. Also, well done to our fantastic 11-12 year old team who danced beautifully today in A grade! We are so proud of you all.

Through to Sydney Opera House:

Jessica De Luca

Maxine Rose

Caitlin Hooper

Elise Marcon

Semi Finalists:

Nadia Morali

Madi Cheney

Luisa Watkin

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