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Victorian Zone Championship Results

October 16, 2016

What an amazing weekend of Physie at the Victorian Zone Championships 2016!!


We're very proud of what our club has achieved at the Victorian Zone 2016 and we're super proud of all our girls and ladies who took to the floor and competed beautifully.


The results are as follows:


Day 1


1st years

1st Elise 

2nd Madi 

Finalist: Luisa 


7-8 years

2nd Amy (To Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Madeline, Bernice & Sienna 


9-10 years

3rd Liv (9s, To Sydney Nationals)

4th Lara (9s, To Sydney Nationals)


1st Matina (10s, To Sydney Nationals)

4th Chelsea (10s, To Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Nikisha 


13-14 years

3rd Steph L (To Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Georgia, Laura & Steph E 


Day 2


5-6 year Team

3rd Doncaster


5 years

2nd Thea (5s)


2nd Alice (6s, To  Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Sarina & Allison 


11-12 years

2nd Rachael (11s, To Sydney Nationals)


5th Chrissie ( 12s, To Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Gemma & Alexia 


Open Ladies

1st Genevieve (Under 33, To Sydney Nationals)

Finalist: Katherine